Lockout-Tagout vs electrical safety. What is the difference?

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Lockout-Tagout vs electrical safety. What is the difference?

Lockout-Tagout and electrical safety are both important parts of creating a safe working environment. Both Lockout-Tagout and electrical safety ensure that employees can work safely with machinery and electrical equipment. But, you should not confuse the two. Because while they sound similar, there are important differences.

Lockout-Tagout is a safety procedure that is used to shut down and lock out a machine's power supply. This ensures that the machine cannot be accidentally switched on during maintenance or repair work. Lockout-Tagout uses lockouts, safety padlocks and safety tags that are attached to the isolation point of the machine to indicate that the machine should not be switched on until the safety padlock and tag are removed again. Lockout-Tagout applies to all machines that are electrically or mechanically driven and requires a detailed Lockout-Tagout procedure that is regularly updated.

Electrical safety, on the other hand, focuses specifically on preventing electrical hazards. This includes working safely with electrical equipment, preventing electric shock and preventing fire due to electrical problems. It can cover machinery as well as wiring, switch boxes and other electrical equipment in a work environment. Electrical safety requires employees working with electrical equipment to be trained in safety procedures and equipment to be serviced regularly to prevent problems.

Lockout-Tagout and electrical safety often work together to ensure the safety of workers. However, there are important differences between the two. The main difference is that Lockout-Tagout focuses on preventing accidental activation of machinery during maintenance or repair, while electrical safety focuses on preventing electrical hazards when working with electrical equipment.

Besides, the material used in Lockout-Tagout is quite different from that used in electrical hazard prevention. Lockout-Tagout requires lockouts, safety padlocks and safety tags to physically lock and clearly identify machinery, while electrical safety often involves the use of personal protective equipment, such as safety helmets and gloves.

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