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Lockout-Tagout Devices

Lockout-Tagout Devices

Lockout-tagout devices or lock-outs are designed for locking various types of energy sources during maintenance and cleaning. These lockout devices are fitted on i.e. valves, ball valves, connectors and circuit breakers in combination with a safety padlock to ensure complete blockage for the duration of the machine maintenance.

Lockout devices for mechanical isolation

  • Lock-outs for gate valves
  • Lock-outs for plug valves
  • Lock-outs for ball valves
  • Lock-outs for gas cylinders
  • Lock-outs for butterfly valves
  • Lock-outs for blind flanges
  • Universal cable lock-outs

Lockout devices for electrical isolation

  • Lock-outs for circuit breakers
  • Lock-outs for insulation fuses
  • Lock-outs for fuse rails (NH fuses)
  • Lock-outs for wall switches
  • Lock-outs for plugs
  • Lock-outs for push buttons
  • Lock-outs for e-stops
  • Lock-outs for motor circuits breakers
  • Lock-outs for vehicle battery blocks
  • Lock-outs for control pendants

Lockout devices for other energy sources

  • Lock-outs and covers for steering wheels
  • Lock-outs and covers for confined spaces
  • Lock-outs for air hoses
  • Lock-outs for pnuematic disconnects

Tip: Use photos of the locked out energy source including the lock-out, safety tag and safety padlock on the machine specific lockout tagout sheet for additional safety.

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