New! Clamping Cable Lockout for Valves 170481 from Brady

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New! Clamping Cable Lockout for Valves 170481 from Brady

Mechanical hazards such as valves can be locked with cable lockouts, among others. The new clamping cable lockout for valves is an extension of the current cable lockouts in Brady's Lockout-Tagout range.

With this new lockout, energy isolation points are easily locked. Even hard-to-reach points can now easily and fast be locked out.

This cable lockout is extremely easy to use and simple to attach. The clamp cable locking device 170481 can even be operated with one hand thanks to the handy quick-release clamp with an ergonomic grip.

The cable lockout with quick-release clamp, 170481, is ideal for ball valves, hand wheel valves and butterfly valves. Suitable for locking valve handles or pipes up to 6.2 cm wide.

Attach the cable lock easily by squeezing the clamp and pulling the cable through. Then closing the valve, pull tight and end with applying the padlock. The metal cam wheels grip the cable firmly, the lockable protective flap prevents the cable from being released or manipulated.

- Max. clamping range: 6.2 cm
- Material: ABS
- Cable material: Steel with PVC coating
- Cable length: 244 cm
- Colour: Red
- Max. Operating temperature: 120 °C
- Min. operating temperature: -20 °C

4 padlock holes for attaching 4 safety padlocks
- Max. Padlock shackle diameter: 7.11 mm
- Min. padlock bracket height: 4.57 mm

- Dimensions - Width: 217.93 mm
- Dimension - Height: 177.29 mm
- Dimension - Depth: 64.77 mm

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