Optimal Safety with Lockout-Tagout Procedures: An Overview of Various Lockouts

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Optimal Safety with Lockout-Tagout Procedures: An Overview of Various Lockouts

At Lockout-Tagout Shop, we understand the importance of reliable lockouts for effective Lockout-Tagout procedures. Our extensive range of lockout is designed to meet specific needs, ranging from valves and electrical hazards to ball valves and confined spaces. Let's delve deeper into the different categories of lockouts we offer.


1. Valve Lockouts - Robust and Chemical Resistant
Valve lockouts are designed for use during Lockout-Tagout operations, securing valves in the closed position with a safety padlock. They are available for various types of valves, including gate valves, handwheel valves, pressure gas valves, gas cylinders, and plug valves. Made of robust nylon, they resist chemicals, weather conditions, and extreme temperatures. Additionally, they come in various sizes to perfectly fit the most common valves.

Tip: Universal cable lockouts are ideal for non-standard sizes.

Valve lockouts


2. Electrical Lockouts - Non-Conductive Materials for Maximum Safety
Electrical lockouts prevent re-energization of electrical energy sources during Lockout-Tagout operations. They are available for various isolation points, including circuit breakers, toggle switches, screw fuses, knife fuses, wall switches, industrial plugs, batteries, and more. Our electrical lockouts are carefully crafted from non-conductive materials, minimizing the risk of electrical conduction during Lockout-Tagout procedures. Therefore, they should be locked with a non-conductive safety padlock.

Tip: Use universal lockouts for breakers/circuit breakers.

Electrical Lockouts


3. Ball Valve Lockouts - Lock-outs for Various Types of Ball Valves
For securely locking ball valves in both open and closed positions, we recommend padlockable ball valve lockouts. To provide a universal solution, our padlockable ball valve lockouts are designed with flexibility in mind, easily fitting various types of ball valves.

Tip: Universal cable lockouts are versatile for valves, ball valves, and control valves.

Ball Valve Lockouts


4. Butterfly Valve Lockouts - Essential Protection for Butterfly Valves
Butterfly valve lockouts prevent unintended movement of the lever, preventing the valve from turning. Universal lockouts fit most butterfly valves with angled levers. Butterfly valves are commonly used in industrial applications to control the flow of liquids or gases. Our butterfly valve lockouts provide essential protection by preventing the lever from being pinched, turning the valve during maintenance or service procedures.

Butterfly valve lockouts

5. Universal Cable Lockouts - Versatility and Space Savings
Universal cable lockouts not only offer versatility in locking various devices but also provide significant space savings. With multiple padlock holes, various designs, and cable lengths, these lockouts are an efficient choice for an optimized Lockout-Tagout kit. Universal cable lockouts offer versatility for locking valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, circuit breakers, and control valves. They are available with nylon non-conductive cables for electrical hazards and coated steel cables for mechanical hazards.

Tip: Cable lockouts reduce the number of different LOTO materials in your kit.

Cable Lockouts


6. Pneumatic Lockouts - Focus on Stored Energy
Pneumatic lockouts prevent the connection of pneumatic lines. Universal pneumatic lockouts are designed for various hose couplings and must consider the possibility of stored energy release.

Tip: Always consider stored energy when locking pneumatic systems.

Pneumatic Lockouts


7. Vehicle Lockouts - Maximum Control and Safety
Vehicle lockouts include steering wheel locks and the Glad Hand Lock for trailers and trailers. Steering wheel locks serve as a clear marker that, for example, forklifts should not be operated. Our vehicle lockouts provide an effective solution to prevent unauthorized use of vehicles and ensure clear visual marking during Lockout-Tagout procedures.

Tip: Combine steering wheel covers with cable lockouts for extra safety.

Vehicle Lockouts


8. Confined Space Lockouts
For access to confined spaces, we recommend using lockable covers and manhole locks. This can prevent the entrapment of personnel during maintenance. Covers for confined spaces and manholes feature a warning imprint with a symbol and are available in lockable and non-lockable (elastic) variants.

Tip: Use covers in conjunction with padlockable straps for situations without foreseen attachment points.

Confined Space Lockouts




9. Blind Flange Lockouts
Blind flange lockouts are used during maintenance on pipelines. They withstand various environmental conditions, including temperature variations, moisture, and more than 30 chemicals.

Tip: Use safety tags and padlocks suitable for outdoor use.

Blind Flange Lockouts



Lockout-Tagout Shop's Range of different Lockouts
At Lockout-Tagout Shop, we offer a comprehensive range of lockouts to meet all your Lockout-Tagout needs. Our high-quality products are designed with safety as the top priority. Choosing Lockout-Tagout Shop means investing in the protection of your employees and minimizing risks during maintenance procedures.

Why Choose Lockout-Tagout Shop? At Lockout-Tagout Shop, we strive for top quality and the best service. We source our products from the finest suppliers, including Abus, Brady, and Master Lock. This ensures that our locks are robust, durable, and meet the highest safety standards. By choosing Lockout-Tagout Shop, you invest in the protection of your employees and minimizing risks during maintenance procedures. Safety comes first at Lockout-Tagout Shop!




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