Shadow boards, advantages and possibilities

Shadow boards, advantages and possibilities

design example of a shadow board created by Unique Safety Products, including a whiteboard by Macrovector on Freepik.


Shadow boards are an easy and convenient way to organise all your locks and tags needed for Lockout-Tagout. Shadow boards improve the process when combined with necessary tools and work authorization. With shadow boards, you can increase the efficiency of Lockout-Tagout procedures, by organising the relevant padlocks, tags, and rules in one place. Shadow boards also constantly remind the employees to use Lockout-Tagout devices.


Advantages of using shadow boards in the work place

Shadow boards allow you to systematically store all necessary items used for Lockout-Tagout procedures. Shadow boards decrease risks and accidents during machine maintenance by making tools accessible when needed. Shadow boards also help improve employee productivity. Manufacturing that is disorganised typically produces less and makes mistakes that can be avoided, perhaps even resulting in accidents. When there is no obvious location to look for a tool, it is frequently a waste of time. With a shadow board all tools will be organised and easier to find.


Another benefit to shadow boards, is that they promote safety. Tools should be kept in safe locations because unsecured ones could endanger workers. Workers may turn to using an alternative that is frequently incorrect or in poor condition when they are unable to find the right tool for the job. This jeopardises the safety of the workforce since accidents may result.




Shadow boards can be altered to fit your companies needs and wants. Your company logo can be added, you can choose the colours to match your corporate identity, it is also possible to include elements like a table or writing space.


Shadow boards have a few characteristics which are always included. Shadow boards always have the tools outline or complete shadows. Because of the shadow workers can easily return their used locks to their correct place. Another element that can contribute to correct organisation is a label. You can add a certain label to the outline, such as a number or the group that uses the locks. Lastly to differentiate all the padlocks a colour code can be used. Using different colours for different padlocks can be an easy way to categorize the padlocks and tags.



Below you can view a few examples of shadow boards created by the Lockout-Tagout-Shop.


colour coded shadow board

Colour coded shadow board


Shadow board with writing area


shadow board with multiple products

Shadow board with different items


View our range of shadow boards here




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