LockPoint your LOTO solution

LockPoint your LOTO solution

Do you ever wish that your Lockout-Tagout products are always close to you? With LockPoint by Abus this can come true. The LockPoint stations are movable and easy to use.


“Mobile, though and versatile”, this is how ABUS describes LockPoint, the first-of-its-kind mobile safety centre keeps crucial Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) solutions exactly where you need them, saving time and assisting in preventing damage and harm.

Depending on your LOTO programme, LockPoint can be made accessible in a variety of work areas. This item makes it simple to adhere to the 60-second rule, which states that all materials must be prepared in less than one minute.

This provides a major advantage so that no information is lost, especially during shift changes. In the LockPoint Safety Centre, you can also keep notepads and other supplies. LockPoint can withstand industrial environments where dangerous machinery is employed because it is made of strong gauge steel.



  • Complies with OSHA 1910-147
  • Can replace all standard lock stations
  • Is made of heavy gauge steel so the system can survive industrial environments
  • Encourages the use of 5S and lean principles
  • Reduces risk by having all certificates and documents in one accessible location


The LockPoint Stations comes with padlock rail and display “LockPoint”. Can be accessorised with, wall mountingset, chassis, chassis with wheels, grouplock box, storage bin, bin divider, padlock rails, work permit display and writing station.


View our range of LockPoint products here.


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