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Shackle material
Shackle diameter
Shackle height
Padlock tags 105722 - 105723 - 105724
The padlock tags are made of calendered vinyl.
Lockout hasp steel ALO802
Lockout hasp steel with locking tabs and vinyl-coated handle.
LINK360 lockout-tagout software
Link 360 for creating and maintainging Lockout-Tagout safety programs.
Double Loop Cable 131063-131066
The Double Loop Cable Device is ideal for locking out large valves in many different industries.
Single pole breaker lockout 065387-065688
Single multi-pole breaker lockout for breakers that have holes in the switch tongues.
No-hole circuit breaker lockout 065396-065397
No-hole circuit breaker lockout 277 Volt en 480-600 Volt.
Universal Fuse Lockout 873367
Designed to prevent the unitended re-energisation of a fuse (20A to 400A fuse holders).
Labels for Steel Padlocks
The labels for Steel Padlocks are made of durable vinyl and included overlaminate strips for enhance...
Lockout hasp steel 805840
Multi-Lockout hasp steel with vinyl-coated handle.
Lock-out device for plugs 065674-065675
Lock-out device for all types of plug connections.
Pneumatic quick-disconnect lock-out 064221
Pneumatic quick-disconnect lock-out for the majority of 6mm, 9mm and 12mm male fittings.
Lockout hasp Nylon 236906
Non-conductive Multi-Lockout hasp Nylon.
Universal Mini Circuit Breaker Lockout 149514
Easy to install, no tools required. Available for single and multi-pole breakers. Attach safety pad...
EZ Panel-Loc rail 051256-051258
EZ Panel Loc lockout rail for EZ Panel-Loc breaker lockout system.
Padlock Lubricant 834194
The Padlock Lubricant is a non-greasing spray for lock cylinders.